Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 2 Year Anniversary

Well, two years ago yesterday I walked down the aisle and married my best friend. That was such a magical day!!! I remember it like it was yesterday. I will never forgot the details of that day. It started off with me packing for our honeymoon because I had waited to the very last minute. Then going to get my hair done with Jessica and Annesley. Then going to Back Yard Burger for a little lunch hahah. Then it was time for pictures. Drew and I chose to see eachother before the wedding and that was so special for us. I still remember his face when we first saw eachother. It was a BEAUTIFUL day... close to 70 degrees outside! It was such a relief because it has been raining all week and it was cold! Then it was time to walk down the aisle. Of course, my nerves had kicked in full swing by this time!! However, I remember feeling so calm when we were saying our vows. It was as if we were the only people in the room. What a wonderful day it was. Our two year anniversay was not spent quite the way we had imagined... in a hospital room at ACH. However, it was a nice anniversay. We spent quality time with each other and our precious Anniston Kate. Anniston was feeling better, which made our day! Drew and I did get to go to dinner last night because his mom came and sat with her.

I just wanted to share a little bit about Drew and me. First of all, we are pretty opposite. It's really funny actually. He is very detail oriented, just not about the things that I am detail oriented about. If I ask him a question about something for example "Why does the lake turn?" I don't get a simple answer. It is almost always drawn out with specific scientific info. I usually am looking for a very simple answer. However, this explanation can go on for up to 20 minutes. I actually asked him this question one day and I was getting all of this info... I looked at him in mid-sentence and said "I think its because all of the fish get together and swim to one side of the lake and it causes the lake to turn". His facial expression was priceless. He says that he is horrified that I am going to tell our children those kinds of things! Of course, I didn't really think that but, by this time, I was on to a completely different thought. You will hardly ever hear us call each other by our full name. Drew ALWAYS calls me Ash... NEVER Ashley. In fact, if he called me Ashley it would literally stop me in my tracks because it would just be weird. Sometimes if he is talking to people he will say Ashley in conversation with them but that is literally the only time I ever hear my full name come out of his mouth! I call him Roo. This started way back when, when we were dating. I really don't know why. He wasn't real excited about it at first, but then one day I said "Hey Drew " and he said "Why did you call me Drew?" At that point it was evident that we would never call each other by our full names. It may be weird, but its us and I love it! Roo says that I, "Add color to his life." He says that I have a talent for thinking of things that he would NEVER think of in a million years. These thoughts just come natural to me hahaha. Drew does the laundry... yes I said it! He has a certian way that his shirts must be folded... annoying yes, but our t-shirts are NEVER wrinkled. I will admit that I can fold his way, but most of the time choose not to. It is basically because I hate folding to begin with and then having to take 3,893 minutes to fold one shirt gets on my last nerve! Therefore, I usually put the clothes in the washer and then in the dryer and he folds them. I am one lucky girl, I know!!! Overall, we have decided that our differences compliment each other. Yes, we have our occasional "disagreement," but who doesn't??? I love my husband very much and I know that he is God's gift to me! Happy 2 year Anniversary!

Poor Baby!!

My poor baby has gotten sick. It all started on Friday. I took her to the doctor and the doctor said she just had a viral cold and that we were just going to have to let it "run its course." Oh what a course it has been. By Sunday night she was sooooo much worse. It was awful. Anniston could not breath through her nose at all. This meant that she didn't eat and wouldn't sleep. She was miserable. I took her back to the doctor on Monday morning and they confirmed that she had RSV! YIKES!!! We came home and she was trying to take a nap, but was having trouble because she still couldn't breathe. I was told at the doctor's office to watch her breathing because sometimes this virus makes them have difficutly breathing. I glanced over at her several times and she seemed to be breathing hard. I walked closer and saw those little nostrils flarring and then noticed a sinking in under her ribs when she was trying to breathe. I immediately called Drew (who was still working) and told him that I was taking her to ACH. We arrived there and they decided to keep her for observation. I was relieved at this news! As you can imagine, my stress level was at an all time high!!!!! Monday night Drew and I shared a chair that pulled out as a bed. Let me tell you that it was about 3 feet wide. Therefore, we were the definition of spooning. However, we were both so tired that we both admitted the next morning that we slept really good! Tuesday was a better day for Anniston due to all of the suctioning that had taken place... poor thing! The doctors actually told us that we could go home on Tuesday, but Drew and I decided that we would like to stay one more day just to make sure Anniston was on the road to recovery. By Tuesday night we saw a glimpse of our little angel back to normal. She wanted to stay up and not go to sleep.... yep that's her! We came home today around lunch time. She still has a really bad cough, but overall she is feeling much better. ACH was such a life saver for us. All of the nurses and doctors were so nice and helpful! We are so glad that Anniston is feeling better! Drew and I want to thank everyone for praying for our sweet Anniston Kate!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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We just got back from a WONDERFUL vacation! We left on Wednesday the 7th and drove to Houston. We stayed with my grandmother that night and got up the next (which was my birthday!) to head to Honolulu. I was sooooo nervious about Anniston Kate flying for the first time. However, I am happy to report she did amazing! It really didn't seem to phase her at all. She was passed from my lap to Drew's lap to my mom's lap and then across the aisle to Drew's parents laps! Ha!! We had a great time while we were there. Anniston got to go swimming for the first time and she seemed to really like it! We got her a blowup fish that she could float around in... she was precious in it! We did have one problem while we were there... Anniston got her first stomach bug!!!! It was awful. I felt so bad for her. The good news is that she didn't seem to feel bad at all except for one night. I can gladly say that we are now over this bug! I will post pictures of our trip later on!

Anniston Kate~
Your first vacation was so much fun (minus the stomach bug). It was truly a family vacation! Both of your grandmothers and your grandfather came! It was extra special because you got to see both of your great grandmothers too! One of your great grandmothers lives in Hawaii, the other in Houston. You had a blast in the pool in your little floating duck. Mommy and Daddy pushed you every where in your stroller and you loved looking around at everyone. It was very hot some days and you would find yourself a little cranky from time to time... but who wouldn't?? Mommy found herself the same way a few times :) You really do not like the sun shinning in your face!!! You did wonderful on the airplane rides. In fact, on the way home from Hawaii you slept 6 hours!!! It was funny to see the peoples faces who were sitting next to us when they saw you!!! They were gearing up for a terrible plane ride. However, you showed everyone on that plane how sweet and wonderful you are! Mommy and Daddy can't wait to take you back there and get you your very own hula skirt!
I love you more than you will ever know!