Sunday, April 10, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Anniston has grown up so much! I feel like yesterday she was a newborn and now I am about to be blessed with another precious baby. I watch Anniston every day as she grows up more and more. It's so much fun watching her learn new things and say new words. She is so precious to me! I have to admit though with each new "thing" that she learns a tiny piece of my heart breaks because she is growing up so fast and turning into a little girl. There are so many things that she does and says that are just so funny and I want to remember these things forever. Right now Anniston is 21 months. Here are just a few of my favorite things...
Anniston will lean against a wall or chair and cross her leg over her other. She does this all the time when someone else is leaning against the wall. However, it is really funny because she doesn't just cross her leg... she holds it up across the leg that she is standing on.
She talks with sooooo much expression. Sometimes her little eyes say it all :) She is just so full of emotion and excitement when she talks. So. cute.
She plays all day long... she loves to play in her play kitchen and "cook." She will bring food over to me, Drew, or my mom and make an eating sound for us to take a bite of whatever she has prepared.
She doesn't say the names of animals, instead she makes the sound that they make. So we will be driving down the road and she will let out a "neigh" or "mooooooo." As if that is not cute enough... all of her animal sounds are so sassy sounding. The neigh for a horse sounds just like a valley girl. hahaha!
She is very country when she says some words... shoooie sounds more like sue eeeeee. Melt. My. Heart.
She loves to talk on the phone. She says "eoooo" and then just babbles away. When she is done talking she quickly says "bye bye."
She loves to wear glasses... not just sunglasses. My mom bought her a pair of sunglasses that fit her and took the lenses out so that she would think she had a pair of real glasses. She calls them her sasses. She wears them on her shirt or on her head when she is not "using" them. So funny.
When she hears the dogs bark around 4 or 5, she immediately runs to the door and yells daddy!
She probably says "mommy" 3,984 times a day. And I love it every time!
She loves pancakes, cereal, peanut butter, chickfila, mac and cheese and fruit!
She loves loves loves the movie shark tale. I have no idea why, but this movie has changed my life. I can actually get a few things done around the house when shark tale is on! She also loves sprout and the disney jr. shows.

There are so many more things that I could list, but for now I will stop. I can't believe my little sweet baby girl is about to be two years old! It truly does not seem possible. I thank God every day for my sweet Anniston! I know she is going to be such a sweet big sister... maybe not at first... but eventually ;)

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