Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unbelievable! There really are no words!

So I just wanted to share what happened to me yesterday. Things that happen to me do not happen to most people. It's a fact, I am prone to weird and unusual things happening to me! So I got up early yesterday and went to the doctor because I knew that I had a sinus infection. I had all the signs... swollen face, ears hurt, stuffy nose, and sore throat. Anyway, I go to the doctor and of course he tells me that I infact do have a sinus infection. He literally spent 5 minutes or less in the room with me, which I didn't appreciate very much. However, in that 5 minutes he tells me that he is putting me on antibiotics and that "we were not going to mess around with this." I said ok, took the perscription and out the door I went. I called Drew to tell him what the doctor had said and to check on Anniston. Long story short, after lunch I took my first pill to get rid of this sinus infection.
I fixed Anniston a bottle and began feeding her when all of the sudden I felt sick to my stomach, like I was about to throw up! I kept thinking what am I going to do with Anniston if I get sick. I tried not to think about it and kept feeding her. When she finished her bottle, I put her down and layed down beside her. My stomach was getting worse and then all of the sudden I felt this rapid beating in my stomach. What was that? Surely, that is not my heart beat, I thought to myself. That is wayyyyyy to fast for my heart, but what else would be beating Ashley??? I got up took my blood pressure because of course I have a blood pressure machine... doesn't everyone?? ;) Well my blood pressure was 150/96 pulse 113!!!!! Seriously? What was this about? I felt horrible!!! I got my mom to keep Anniston and headed to the ER. Drew met me up there and sat with me all afternoon. Turns out... I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and it caused my heart to race like I had just run a marathon. Lovely I know, but just another example of my daily life!

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