Friday, September 11, 2009

2 Month Dr. Appointment

Tuesday was Anniston's 2 month dr. appointment. I was dreading that day so bad because she had to get her shots :( I couldn't watch, so Drew held her arms while she was laying on the table. Suprisingly, she only cried when they gave her the second one. The first one only made her look at Drew a little funny, like "what was that and why did you let her do that to me?" Anyway, she cried for a few minutes, but nothing like I had imagined. The shots didn't really seem to effect her much at all. The only thing I noticed is that she was a little more sleepy than usual. Little Miss Anniston Kate has grown like a weed! She was in the 50th percentile for weight in August. However, now she has jumped up to the 95th, thats right, 95th percentile in weight. She weighed in at a healthy 13 pounds 1 oz!!! I wasn't really suprised... she LOVES to eat! She was also in the 90th percentile for length... 23 1/2 inches long! What a growing girl we have!!! Drew and I are so thankful for this healthy little angel!

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